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Leather Leashes, Collars and BioThane® Longlines

Made in Canada, from the highest quality latigo leather, that is soft and extremely durable. The snaps and hardware we use are made from the highest quality stainless steel to maximize durability and safety. Our longlines are made from military grade Biothane®.

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CaniSource Grand Cru
Raw Dehydrated Dog food

CaniSource Raw Dehydrated food for Dogs. Available in a variety of sizes and flavours that include: Turkey, Fish, Red Meat, Pork and Lamb. Made with ingredients you can pronounce like: Turkey, turkey liver, green peas, green lentils, lupine, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, sunflower oil, groundflaxseeds, cranberries.
"100% of Ingredients Approved for Human Consumption."

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Private one on one
Dog Training Sessions

We can help with all kinds of behavioural issues. Assessment and evaluations of aggressive dogs. Dogs are pack animals which means there are leaders in the pack and followers. If you are not a strong leader, your dog will assume the role which can cause all kinds of issues like growling, showing there teeth, biting or nipping at family members. We can help you win back your home!

$100 per hour
Private sessions are available by video as well.
*All Private lessons — Must be prepaid prior to booking an appointment
**Please be advised — our cancellation policy requires 24 hours’ notice in advance otherwise prepaid session(s) are forfeited at clients expense.

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Family Protection
Dog Training

We only train balanced safe dogs with a good temperment, strong nerves to protect the family, to engage when provoked using voice commands to engage and disengage. The average dog is not trained to stop biting or will not protect the family.

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*NEW! Narcotics Detection Training Program!

We use legal Non-Narcotic scent from ScentLogix™ that is proven safe and very effective, at mimicking real drug odours, as well as using real cannabis to teach proven law enforcement training techniques.

*Must be 19+

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Trained Family Protection
Dog Sales

All dogs are trained under the Schutzhund/IPO methods in Canada, USA and Europe.
Prices start at $10,000 – $25,000 CDN + GST

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Not all dogs are cut out to do protection.

Only a balanced temperament dog with strong nerves should be trained for protection.
We only train dogs that have the sound genetic temperament, strong drives and we use positive proven training methods.
The result is a very predictable dog, that is obedient and listens to its owners and can provide family safety and security.

Safe Communities Benefit Everyone


We believe, that it's everyone’s responsibility.

Drug and alcohol related crimes have become a major Yukon issue.

As Yukon's population has risen, so has the severity of serious crimes, especially those related to drug and weapons offences. Unfortunately, it's a reality that's
here to stay.


 The problems from down South are now the problems of the North as well. Advanced K9, believes that the biggest crime deterrent is a trained family protection dog, to help keep your family safe and secure.