History of Advanced K9 Training and Services

Randy Mattson – Owner and Head Trainer


Randy started dog training with a purebred Boxer (Razor) in 1996, then in 2004, he switched to a Showline German Shepherd (Koda). It didn't take long before he learned that not all shepherds are created the same. In 2004, he then began traveling and attending seminars and workshops in USA and Canada learning from SV, GSSCC judges, former Police Officers, as well as World WUSV competitors.

Over the years, he has purchased several Working Line German Shepherds from Germany, Holland and USA to learn on and compete. As a result of attending seminars and workshops learning from some of the world’s best trainers and competitors in IPO/Schutzhund, he was able to learn to read and understand behaviours, combined with many years of training and competing, his methods evolved to be very positive, but also to be very structured with rules and rewards. Believing that the handler, must be a strong, calm, pack leader, and must have a good working relationship with their dog, which can only be achieved through positive experiences from building trust and confidence through play.

In late 2010, he started teaching tracking seminars and evaluating Canine Good Neighbour event tests to help fundraise for the Yukon Schutzhund Association. It was great way to help out the Non-Profit raise money as well as educate the local Yukon dog community. In July 2015, he stepped down as President of the Yukon Schutzhund Association after almost 9 years, so he could put all of efforts into running, Advanced K9 Training and Services, and continue helping train people and their dogs.


Training Achievements have Included:

• Trained and Handled 4 different dogs to Pass(CKC)Canine Good Neighbour Test, Edales Koda Mattson, Axle vom Yukonhausberg, Bosz Van't Enclavehof and Luna vom Smaragdwald
• Trained 3, Trialed 2 and all 3 dogs Passed for the Schutzhund BH, Edales Koda Mattson, Axle vom Yukonhausberg and Cassie vom Yukonhausberg
• Trained, Trialed and Passed 1 dog for the Schutzhund Sch 1 and Tr2, Axle vom Yukonhausberg
• Trained, Trialed and Passed 1 dog for the Schutzhund Sch 2, Bosz Van't Enclavehof
• Former, 3x - Certified Club Level SG, Rated Protection Helper (for 9 years) with the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada (GSSCC)
• Former, Canine Good Neighbour Evaluator for the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) since 2010
• Trained, several of Advanced K9's dogs, instructed clients and their dogs for Narcotics Scent Detection using legal Scentlogixs® and cannabis
• Helped Handlers, train their dogs over the years in the three phases: Protection, Tracking and Obedience. Several of them have achieved BH, IPO1, IPO2 and two received IPO3


We have learned from IPO/Schutzhund Judges, Trainers and former Police Officers over the years:

Ann Marie Chaffin, Bernhard Flinks, Lance Collins....continued

Dorwin Anderson, Dave Grant, Detlef Berensmann....continued

Rudy Mietzner, Doug Deacon and Scott Schnider.

Clients have Included:

• Government – Conservation Officers and Corrections Officers for scent training

• Private Personal Clients – for Obedience, Protection, Play, Scent Detection and to fix recall issues, aggression to other dogs and people, biting, jumping up, chewing,...etc.

• Private Business – K9 Security Companies for Obedience and Protection

*Our Clients privacy is always treated with the highest respect, so only authorized client pictures and/or names are released.