Dog Training Client Testimonials

Erin Mac and Tundra Punks

After an private lesson I feel confident we have the tools to move past Dallis Hound dog reactive issues. Its so worth having someone fine tune our/my body language and voice commands. Propper and safe use of different training collars. And practical application with live interaction between our trainer and his dog and ours. Not meeting but him having his dog walk and play near us while we practiced what he taught us. Games, safety, cautions on liability and a place to score dry beef heart and raw dogfood. We learned so much and made so much progress in just 1 hour! Definitely thrilled with the experience. Thx


Thanks Randy, great class for anyone to take...made the world of difference in my beautiful girl!!! Highly recommended

Danielle & Amber

I took the "Come when called and leash handling class" with my very large puppy Amber. We found that Randy provided not only great instruction but also time for practice and constructive feedback. He was able to spend time with each person/dog and gave individual attention as well as group discussion. Our family was so stressed with a large puppy that wouldn't listen but now we have the tools to practice, practice, practice. We have noticed a huge difference in our pet and our family's happiness. Don't take this course if you are not willing to do the work. If you have time to practice you will reap rewards! We felt very comfortable with Randy as an instructor.

Brittany & Baylee

Randy was an amazing instructor and was understanding with everyone. He taught the class very quick but with lots of information to remember for life. Definitely would recommend! My puppy loved Randy and being outdoors, she learned a lot. Thanks so much!

Ric & Siren

Thanks Randy for the awesome lessons, what a difference it makes one on one training.


Thanks! Great classes.

Susan & Jitsu

Randy was good with Jitsu, too. Our little guy. We had fun.


Randy is so great! We found his positive training techniques so much more effective than anything we'd tried before. It made a huge difference in Winston (my dog) who went from barely caring what we thought about anything to being super responsive. Randy doesn't waste time and you learn a lot in a very short time. I've already recommended him to friends and I'll do it again! He really knows his stuff.

Dalyce & Gemma

Gemma and I took 2 classes with Advanced K9 -Training and Services; Teach your dog to come when called and Leash Handling. I was having a hard time with training her on recall, everything else was interesting except for me. I saw a post by Advanced K9 on Facebook one day, asking 'does your dog come when called, if not this class is for you' and I said to Gemma, 'Guess we're going to school!'. And I'm so glad we did! She comes when ever I call and we can walk around the millennium trail without my arm being dislocated! So, so proud of her and so happy we took the class with Randy!

Alicia, Jordan & Summit

Randy (Advanced K9 -Training and Services) did an amazing job at filling Jordan and I with information on how to help control our
high-energy sled dog! I highly recommend his training, you won't be disappointed in the slightest.

Raelene & Dixon

Dixon and I had a great time working with Randy in his Advanced K9 classes. The "Play skills" class helped me learn how to build drive in my dog and use that drive to my advantage, while fulfilling my dogs needs. The "Narcotic Sent Detection" class provide me with tools to work my dogs brain using his wonderful nose, we had a blast and couldn't get enough! Our bond has been strengthened because of these classes, and I look forward to doing future classes with Advanced K9. Randy is lots of fun to work with and provides a great atmosphere to work in. I recommend that anyone wanting to do more with their dog or build a better relationship sign up for one of his classes :)

Kat & Keeva

We recently adopted a 10 months old Lab-Husky X (Keeva) and took the doggie play skills class with Randy after Keeva was with us for about a month. The class was a very fun bonding experience, tailored to the individual dog and human. It was very informative and made me aware of so much more (important) things than just “obedience by the book”. Randy is very confident, calm, patient and has excellent expertise. He is very much willing to spend extra time with the owners. His passion for training and working dogs is contagious and so motivating. Using methods with small steps at a time has equipped us with the skills to continue working our dog(s) at home to bond further, help them to make smart choices, and above all have the most fun together. Thank you Randy!

Marnie & Luna

I've taken two classes with Advanced K9 Training and Services: Play Skills and Scent Detection. In Play Skills I learned how I can successfully engage my dog in play WITH me, while not having to worry about my back problems. Life changing for both me and my dog. In Scent Detection my dog turned out to not only really enjoy the work, she's very good at it. Randy has taught me how to work smarter with my dog, rather than harder. The relationship between a dog and its handler is key! Randy has helped me enhance your handling skills while still having fun with my dog. I've also taken his Tracking course. Tracking is specific to the Schutzhund dog sport. As a member of the Yukon Schutzhund Association, having local training specific for the sport is awesome. We're often at a disadvantage being in the north, thankfully we have the knowledgeable and skilled teaching readily available. I look forward to taking more classes with Advanced K9 in the future. Thank you Randy!!! Marnie and Luna