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Communication Warning Indicators

Sometimes the truth, really is a wake up call.

Dogs communicate through physical body language and verbal cues. Situations can quickly escalate from them being uncomfortable or stressed, to a defensive state to full on aggression.

Especially when they are in close proximately to other dogs or new people. Some dogs can not handle stress as much, due to poor genetics. They do not possess strong stable nerves, the result is what’s called fear biters, they have a fight or flight response to most stressful situations, because they are unable to cope.

A lot of new rescue or shelter dog owners, say their dog was abused in the past and hates men or other things, which could be true, but dogs live in the present, humans live in the past, so the new owners sometimes enable bad behaviour, because they are too emotional or too nurturing toward their dogs.


The other big issue is the handler or owner may be unable to be the pack leader, which puts more pressure on the dog and they think they are suppose too protect the owner, because the owner has not communicated otherwise.The human’s job is to protect the dog, not the other way around. Dogs need calm, assertive, stable energy and direction from their pack leader.

Leaders are very vocal, followers are quiet.

Are you the pack leader or the follower?