3/4" Wide Leather Leash

3/4" Leather Leash


3/4" Wide Leather Leash

  • •Made from Canadian Latigo Leather
  • •Available in 4 and 6 foot lengths
  • •High-quality stainless steel snaps
  • •Sewn and riveted for extra strength
    (Canada Only)

    3/4" Wide Leather Leash


Leather Leash Info

Advanced K9 Training and Services, makes custom leather dog training equipment for Police K9’s, military working dogs, sport dogs, professional dog trainers and pet owners who want the best. Our leashes are hand made in Canada, using the best hardware and leather sourced from Canadian suppliers. Our Latigo leather is supersoft and strong allowing for great pliability and made to last. The high strength stainless steel hardware is both sewn and riveted to ensure durability.

What makes our leashes different from others on the market?

The answer is simple...our leashes are made from the highest quality latigo leather and hardware available. Cheaper leather leashes are either to soft, but lack strength (stretch) or too hard and not pilable enough, because they are usually only tanned with one process. Our leather has several tanning processes performed on it, too make it super soft, yet very pliable and super strong, and it is ideal for all weather conditions. No more burns from cheap nylon pet leashes. Our leashes are designed for use by professional dog handlers and their dogs, based on their needs, not by pet store companys. Too many dog owners purchase cheap leather or nylon leashes, remember the golden rule...you get what you pay for.